We would like to start off by saying that we love Umbraco, and we believe it is by far the best .NET CMS currently on the market.

We commend Umbraco for supporting some of the core dependencies of the platform with their new Sponsorship Scheme.

We think the choices Umbraco have made (Examine, ImageSharp and Rebus) are great choices, of which the developers deserve praise and recognition for.
We think that the monthly monetary contribution made towards these developers / projects is great, and extremely generous at $100.

Hopefully in the years to come, Umbraco will open the scheme up to input from their community, who may choose different packages / developers who they feel deserve recognition.

The official Umbraco sponsorship scheme is no way affiliated with our own Umbraco Opensource Developer Sponsorship Scheme / Opensource Developer Sponsorship Scheme.

We pride ourselves on having the first Umbraco Opensource Developer Sponsorship Scheme / Opensource Developer Sponsorship Scheme where the customer chooses who is supported, this is not going anywhere, we feel by giving our customers the choice of where their money goes makes it worthwhile.

From experience we know that most (if not all) Umbraco websites in use today, use some kind of open source package, whether that be from NuGet or from Our Umbraco.

With the cost to develop an Umbraco site being considerably higher than alternative platforms our scheme allows you to give back without spending an extra penny.

Currently our scheme sponsors developers with 5% or £1 or $2, which ever is greater, of the monthly hosting package fee.

We will stand by our current pledge to increase this to 10% as soon as viable, then increasing in 1% increments up to a maximum of 20%.

We are happy to advertise where the funding for our scheme comes from, our sponsorship scheme is not a 'free' scheme, we take the money directly out of our profits.

Finally we have to mention that our scheme is not affilitated or endorsed by Umbraco, this is a scheme we choose to offer, so that our customers can give back to developers who give up their spare time to improve Umbraco for everyone.


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